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Doctor of Business Administration




Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is the most prestigious and elite study programme in the field of Executive Business Education. The offer below pertains to a study programme organised and delivered by Collegium Humanum – Warsaw Management University. It is a continuation of Executive MBA studies


Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a postgraduate programme conferring the highest managerial qualifications and it is addressed to experienced high-level managers and business people.

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a postgraduate programme recognized in the business world as a confirmation of the highest quality of knowledge and managerial skills. The studies have been designed for ambitious managers in order for them to apply theoretical and practical knowledge for further career and talents development, while at the same time increasing their value on the job market in the executive sector.

During the programme of DBA, you will develop a high level of independent and critical thinking skills and you will also learn to use your extensive and individual professional achievements in managing projects within a multidisciplinary business environment.

The various modules that make up the Doctor of Business Administration programme are based on the specific needs stemming from managerial practice and are implemented by outstanding specialists (practitioners) from Poland and abroad as a case study system in various fields, including financial management, marketing, human resources management, media and PR as well as coaching.

Collegium Humanum – Warsaw Management University is the only accredited and certified Partner of Apsley Business School, London (Approved and Accredited for Teaching and Examinations)


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